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In a Realm Beyond Sight,
The sky shines Gold not Blue,
There the Triforce's might,
Makes mortal dreams come true
--Book of Mudora

Welcome to the new Sano Vs Aosaw website! Here you will find that I have finished the Book of Mudora verse, and I also have made the page a lot nicer! Please update your bookmarks! AND...
I have started a new website on expage, so go there now! click here

Hey, everybody! This page is dedicated to The greatest video game series of all time; Zelda! The title is simply two characters I made up and submitted to Zelda Battles (See Links). If you want to read the story, you will have to wait, but as soon as I see the story on the site, I will tell everyone! Tell me some of your ideas for a new game, but don't steal other people's ideas. Simply email them to me (I will put them on the site), and every so often I will email Nintendo to visit my site, and hopefully they will use a suggestion, or at least thank us for telling them about the site. when you tell me your ideas, try to be as specific as possible, but also don't expect to be paid, or even emailed by Nintendo. I am a non-profit organization, simply trying to get a job at Nintendo (hopefully designer, or writer). If you are looking for inspiration, just try to think of a character, his or her background, a weapon, and his or her image. Then work from there, creating a story around that character. Hey! That was pretty good advice I just gave! Maybe I should try that!

Character Races

What is your favorite character race?


Today's Update:
2-25-01: Sorry I haven't posted my updates lately, but I have been changing the site. I have two new characters, and will be writing their story soon, so check back!

2-17-01: Okay, no one has sent in their characters, yet. Thus, if three people send me their characters, I will use all three characters in my next story. I hope this will convince you to send me your ideas...
2-10-01: Sorry, I didn't post my updates in a while, though I have been updating the site. I wrote two stories, check them out! The links to them are in the links page. I also have decided to add people to my MSN instant messenger list. If you want to be on my list (so we can talk via MSN), send me an email from your hotmail or other MSN email account, and say so. Hopefully, we can talk about ideas for characters and games! hope to see you soon! --Aosaw

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